HSD is Hiring

The Hollister School District is looking to fill the role for a Site Technology Specialist and many other positions. If you’re interested or know someone who is interested please apply via our EdJoin listings here at Edjoin.org

Site Technology Specialist

This position Conducts learning experiences for students using technology under the direction of the site administrator. Assists staff and students in the use of technology equipment and software, perform minor maintenance and minor equipment repairs and troubleshooting to computers and peripheral equipment. Provides training for staff and students in the use of specific devices, equipment or software.Serves as point of contact for outside vendors and repair personnel connected to on site technological systems.

School Nurse

Under direction of the Director of Special Education and Health Services, the School Nurse is responsible for participating in the development and implementation of all district and State health programs at assigned schools. This includes monitoring the budget, providing training to staff and students regarding health issues, implementing all mandated health services such as screenings, immunization checks, dispensing of medications, coordination of the home and hospital program, and completion of developmental/health histories for special education students.

Elementary Teacher

For students in Transitonal Kindergarten through 6th Grade: Provides learning experiences and instructs pupils in pre-reading, reading, language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, art, health, physical education, and music in a classroom setting; Utilizes an adopted course of study, program guides, and a variety of  other materials in developing lesson planning and teaching outlines; Utilizes a variety of methodology in teaching and instructing pupils including subject matter instruction, demonstration, lecture, and activity participation; Utilizes a variety of specialized educational equipment, materials, books, and learning aids;  Teaches and instructs pupils in citizenship and other subject matter specified by legal mandates, district policies, and regulations;  Prepares, develops, and utilizes a variety of instructional materials and aids appropriate for the instructional level of pupils within a wide range of mental, physical, and emotional maturity;  Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates the history, background, and assessment of pupils in designing an educational program to meet specific individual educational needs;  Provides individual and group instruction designed to enhance the pupils’ mental, social, and emotional growth.