Next Steps Towards Elections By Trustee Areas

District to unveil draft "Trustee Area" map on

The Hollister School District expects to post draft "Trustee Area Maps on the district website prior to the October 22, 2019 meeting of the Board of Trustees. To date, the district has held two public hearings and six community input sessions pertaining to the process. The draft trustee area maps are being created by Cooperative Strategies Incorporated.

What will happen at the October 22, 2019 - Regular Meeting?

  • The District will report on the summarized input from prior public hearings and community input sessions.

  • The district will hold Public Hearing #3 to solicit public input on draft maps of trustee areas and proposed sequence of elections and summarize input from community forums.

  • Board may take action to narrow number of published draft maps for final consideration, and/or may take action to direct the creation of one or more revised draft map(s).

  • The district will hold a Public Hearing on the Waiver Request to State Board of Education.